Welcome to the trade fair city of Cologne

With its numerous sights and cultural highlights, the trade fair city of Cologne offers an attractive supporting programme for every trade fair visit. Take advantage of the countless opportunities in the beautiful cathedral city. Shopping tours, wellness and sports facilities combined with Cologne’s hospitality and cheerfulness will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

1. The Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is THE landmark of Cologne and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Cologne Cathedral is not only a record-breaker because of its long construction period of 632 years, but also because of the “fat Pitter”, as St Peter’s bell is affectionately called. It is the largest free-swinging bell in the world.

2. The historic old town of Cologne

A stroll through Cologne’s cosy old town should also be part of every visit to Cologne. The squares Heumarkt and Alter Markt are lively attractions for Cologne residents and tourists alike and invite you to take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a Kölsch beer in one of the many breweries.


3. The Chocolate Museum Cologne

In the Chocolate Museum you can learn how the raw cocoa makes its way to the fine praline.

It’s up to you whether you take part in a guided tour or explore the museum on your own. The highlight of the museum is the three-metre-high fountain where 200 kilos of chocolate flow, which you can of course taste. In the museum café you can enjoy various chocolate specialities with a view of the Rhine.

Admission to the museum costs €12.50 for adults and €7.5 for children under 16. Admission for children under 6 is free.

4. The many breweries

Just as much as the cathedral belongs to Cologne, so do the quaint breweries. These have long been an attraction in their own right and it is simply impossible to imagine Cologne culture without them. The breweries are perfect for a hearty dinner and are also highly recommended for a brewery tour.

5. The Cologne Zoo

Cologne Zoo was founded in 1860, making it the third oldest zoo in Germany. The main attractions include the Sea Lion Rock, the Bird House, the Monkey Rock, the large Aquarium, the Jungle House and the Hippodome.

Cologne Zoo is not only a place of entertainment and education, but also an important supporter of worldwide nature and species conservation initiatives.

Admission to Cologne Zoo costs €16 for adults, €11 for concessions and €8 for children.

6. The Rhine cable car

The Cologne Rhine cable car is not for the faint-hearted. At 930 metres, it connects Cologne Zoo (on the left bank of the Rhine) and Rheinpark (on the right bank of the Rhine) and offers a unique view of Cologne’s old town, the cathedral and of course the Rhine.

Adults pay €4.90 for both routes, children €2.70.

7. The love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

The Hohenzollern Bridge has long been one of the most popular photo motifs in Cologne. Lovers, but also friends, come here to immortalise themselves with a lock on the bridge and then sink the key into the Rhine. This custom has become so popular among tourists that it is estimated that there are now around a million locks hanging on the Hohenzollern Bridge.

From the cathedral, the Liebesbrücke can be reached in a few minutes on foot and you can stroll across in a relaxed manner while enjoying the view of the Rhine and Cologne.