Five conference formats and first top Speaker

Norbert Rollinger (R+V), Patrick Dahmen (HDI), Ramin Niroumand (Finleap) and Julian Teicke (Wefox) from Germany and Sabine VanderLinden (InsurTech startup boat camp),
Paolo De Martin (Scor Global Life) and Donald Lacey (Ping An): The new international congress fair for innovation in the insurance industry, which will be premiere on 21 and 22 April 2020 in Cologne, brings top speakers from all over the world onto the stages. The insureNXT|CGN online ticket shop is now open.


Three stages, five conference formats, over 40 hours of programme and more than 100 national and international top speakers: the premiere of insureNXT|CGN on 21 and 22 April promises an exciting programme with a mix of traditional companies and start-ups. The first top speakers of the new congress fair have already been announced.

Norbert Rollinger (R+V) and Dr. Patrick Dahmen (HDI), two members of the Board of Management of long-established German insurers, will provide an insight into the future. In a keynote on the topic of “Transformation” Patrick Dahmen will speak about the current strategy development of a customer-centric transformation process using the example of HDI-Leben. R+V head Norbert Rollinger will hold, among other things, an “Impulse Keynote” on insurance in 2030 and the importance of customer centricity and future-oriented ecosystems in this context. Julian Teicke and Ramin Niroumand represent the important role of the young players in the insurance industry. As founder and CEO of the successful Wefox Group, Julian Teicke will present his view on the future of the industry and the question of what contribution Wefox will make to it at the insureNXT|CGN. Ramin Niroumand will expand the focus on the importance of international cooperation for the development of groundbreaking insurance products and services.


From London to Shenzen: International top speakers from the Insurance Industry


With Sabine VanderLinden, Paolo De Martin and Donald Lacey, three international big names from the insurance and insurTech industry are also part of this year’s insureNXT|CGN. Paolo De Martin, CEO of SCOR Global Life, will focus on sustainability and its importance for the insurance industry. Sabine VanderLinden, CEO of the InsurTech start-up boot camp in London, will talk about what the insurance industry can learn from so-called “Unicorns” – internationally successful start-ups, whose market valuation is one billion Dollar. International market developments and the importance of pioneering cooperation models are the focus of Donald Lacey’s work. The COO of the Chinese insurer Ping An will use the example of Ping An and Finleap to show how the global insurance industry will develop and change with the help of international cooperation.


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The insureNXT|CGN online ticket shop now offers tickets in various price categories for the Expo, the Conference and the side events. The Early Bird conditions are valid until 15 February.