Transformation – Whaaaat?

What role(s) does HR play in healthy companies, what people are needed to fill them, and are our instruments even up to date? At the round table, every opinion is sought that sheds light on the unknown transformation project or is still in the fog itself.


Moderated by: Philip Tings

The insurance industry has been looking for effective approaches to more customer-centric action for decades. So far, however, the exchange of insurance-related data between the various stakeholders in the insurance world has been inefficient and costly. Open Insurance could change everything in one fell swoop. Standardised and networked data that make life easier and more convenient for customers and at the same time offer companies in the insurance industry a cornucopia of new, promising added value. Together with insurers, Fin/InsurTechs, distributors and customers, I would like to talk about the primary drivers of change and the first use cases.


Moderated by: Philipp Mader

At the “New Work” roundtable, experts and interested practitioners from the insurance industry will deal with current as well as long-term upheavals and creative scope in the fields of a) cooperation & leadership, b) technology for cooperation and c) shaping the framework conditions for modern work.


Moderated by: Dr. Philipp Nolte

26. April 2023

01:30 – 02:15 P.M.

27. April 2023

01:30 – 02:15 P.M.

SCOR shares the experience from several prevention projects and takes the participants on a journey to develop new ideas.


Moderated by: Thomas Trompetter

The struggle for more sustainability brings us face to face with the end of the world as we know it. And now we can be depressed or recognise and seize new opportunities. Insurance companies in particular have a social and a corporate responsibility to seize these opportunities. Corporate responsibility is much more than just meeting regulatory requirements. The Sustainability Roundtable will focus on the question of how corporate sustainability can be implemented in a more ambitious way.


Moderated by: Bernd Hinrichs

A completely new interaction between man and machine will revolutionise insurance sales. We discuss developments and evaluate trends, together with different market participants.


Moderated by: Andreas Stollenwerk