The human being at the centre


The human being at the centre

Carlo Bewersdorf, Director for Marketing and Sales at Hannoversche

Why is it high time for the insurance industry to rethink its current products and business models?

On the one hand, customer expectations have changed, because the Amazon generation has completely different demands on products and services than their parents or grandparents did. On the other hand, modern technologies offer the opportunity for new modular, individualized and data-based offers that can respond better and faster to consumer expectations. Ideally, the insurance industry will develop in such a way that, in the long term, it will no longer be perceived as the mere damage adjuster of yesteryear, but rather as a provider and organiser of entire ecosystems that accompany people in every phase of their lives like a reliable partner.

What are the three biggest misconceptions or prejudices about the digital transformation in the insurance industry?

In my opinion, our industry is not primarily about new technologies, but rather about continuing to meet the needs of policyholders and their requirements through our products and services. To achieve this, the transformation of methods, structures and processes is of secondary importance. The goal of companies – whether startups or traditional insurers – should therefore be to create a culture and thus also a management culture that puts people at the center.

And where is the cliché of the slightly backward and immobile industry still true?

I think that’s a little true everywhere. And I am convinced that we can still reinvent ourselves in all areas of our value creation and that we can – and even have to – learn from other industries.

The Germans are rather reserved in making their data available for behaviour-dependent offers. What do you think are the central arguments to convince them of this?

In my view, there is only one argument that can convince the consumer of such offers – and that is the added value. People want a fair deal and the secure feeling of not being ripped off. Only if we offer real added value through outstanding, customer-centric offerings a voluntary “data partnership” on the part of the insured can develop.

Will health apps become generally accepted on the smartphones of Germans after the passing of the Digital Supply Act?

I’m firmly convinced of it! If we manage to successfully manage the issue of data protection in this particularly sensitive environment, a legally secure basis will be created for digital solutions to which consumers will want to entrust themselves with full confidence.

What do you wish for the premiere of insureNXTǀCGN next April?

I want a platform that enables innovative minds from very different ecosystems to talk to each other and inspire each other with new ideas, products and digital solutions. I am particularly interested in the topic of customer centricity and I hope that insureNXTǀCGN will provide the framework for start-ups as well as for the major players in the industry to inspire each other to new developments in the interest of the customer.

And which speaker would you like to hear there? And why?

I would like to look beyond the horizon of our industry. I would be delighted to hear exciting personalities from other industries and understand how we can develop new solutions and products together. These could be innovative minds from the mobility or healthcare sectors, for example.