Ticket Order 2023

Ticket Order

We differentiate between Expo and Congress tickets.

Here are the differences at a glance:

Expo tickets:

  • Access to our exhibition area and networking area

Congress tickets:

  • Access to our exhibition area and networking area
  • Access to the congress stages
  • Participation in exciting masterclasses, keynotes, panels, pitches, roundtables, etc.

Both ticket types include food and drinks.

Please note that photo and video recordings will be taken during the event, which will be used on our social networks. If you do not agree to this, please send us an email to

Individual tickets are offered through our ticket shop. To order a ticket, you must sign up on the shop. The login credentials will also be needed for our app, where the tickets will be displayed after ordering.

It is important to note that you can only order a ticket for yourself and not for others. If you want to purchase a ticket for a colleague, you must create a new account. Once a ticket is purchased, it cannot be transferred to another person.

Through the ticket bundles, you have the option to order multiple tickets on invoice. The ticket codes will be sent to you as soon as possible by us. Additionally, the more tickets you order, the greater the quantity discount you’ll receive. It doesn’t matter which tickets you order.


Discount tier:

10% discount for 5 tickets and up

15% discount for 10 tickets and up

20% discount for 20 tickets and up

Expo Tickets

1-Day Ticket: 85,00 €

2-Day Ticket: 155,00 €



Congress Ticket

1-Day Ticket: 995,00 €

2-Day Ticket: 1.195,00 €

Party Ticket

Access to the insureNXT Aftershowparty is limited. Therefore, the general rule here is: first come, first serve!


With the 2-day Congress ticket, you have the option to add a free party ticket in the ticket shop, and for the ticket bundles, we will send you the codes for the party ticket with the ordered 2-day Congress tickets.

For all other tickets, you can buy an additional party ticket.


If you do not see the tickets in the ticket shop, we did not send you any codes with your bundle order, or you cannot redeem the code, then the ticket quota has unfortunately already been exhausted, and you will not have access to the party. So, it’s worth being quick!